Announcing Our Presenters

We recently concluded our call for presentations. We came up with 14 great presentations that I am sure you are all going to love. We’re working on putting the schedule together. We’ll put that out shortly along with the titles abstracts.

In the meantime, we asked all our presenters to give us a photo and bio. You can check the photos out below and you can read their bios, here. We’re still waiting to get photos and bios from a few of our presenters. We’ll update this as they come in.

GDevCon N.A 2020 Postponed

Due to concerns about the Corona Virus and travel restrictions imposed by many corporations the GDevCon N.A. board of directors has made the decision to postpone conference the conference for the 2020 calendar year.

We are are currently transitioning to a planning mode and will begin looking at possible dates for the conference in 2021.

If you are a sponsor or have already purchased tickets and have not already heard form us please send an email to

GDevCon N.A. New dates

The board of directors for GDevCon N.A. is happy to let you know that we have settled on new dates and a new venue to hold our first GDevCon N.A. conference.

It has certainly been a struggle for all of us dealing with the Coronavirus. based on what we see we are confident that we will be able to hold the conference in October. The New dates for the conference are October 28-29 2020. The new venue is Galvanize Boulder in Boulder, Co.

We look forward to gathering and learning from each other as we endeavor to promote the LabVIEW community. Also look fro the workshops that can be attended for an additional fee. There will be some 2 day workshops on Monday and Tuesday prior to the conference and some 1 day workshops on the Friday after the conference.

Make your plans now so as not to miss our first annual event.

Coronavirus Update – March 20, 2020

We appreciate everyone’s support of the GDevCon N.A. conference. As promised the Board of Directors has closely monitored the unfolding circumstances around the Coronavirus.

Based on the current situation, and projections for the future we have decided to pursue moving GDevCon N.A. from July to the last week of October or first week of November. We will advise the new dates once we have completed the new arrangements.

With this being pushed out we are extending the window for submitting presentation topics. IF you have an idea and would like to present please go ahead and submit it.

GDevCon N.A. COVID-19 Response

The GDevCON N.A. Board of Directors is concerned about the safety and welfare of potential attendees to the GDevCon N.A. conference.

Given the response of many organizations and the uncertainty of the current situation regarding the Coronavirus, we are currently evaluating the situation and forming contingency plans.

We will provide an update as soon as we have final decisions.

Please be assured that if you have already purchased tickets, are a sponsor, or presenter we are planning on insuring you are well cared for..

Tickets Now Available

Tickets are now on sale!

Special Deals!

We have 20 early bird tickets. Grab them while they last. We are also offering discounts for teams. Buy 4 or more tickets together and we’ll give you a discount. Select the appropriate ticket type at checkout.


We are also offering several workshops. In order to attend the workshops you must purchase a ticket to GDevCon. During the checkout process you will have the option to purchase tickets for one or more of the workshops.

Change to a 2 Day Conference

When we were originally planning this conference, we planned on a 3 day conference, mostly because that is how long the CLA Summit was. After much feedback and discussion (particularly with former organizers of the CLA Summit) we have decided that 3 days was a bit ambitious for our first conference. We feel that a 2 day conference will be alleviate the burden on us as organizers and will help us provide a better experience for attendees.

A couple things that influenced our decision:

  • We got some feedback that a 2 day conference was easier to justify to management than a 3 day conference, especially given the current economic state. 

  • Even though we got enough presentation submissions for 3 days, cutting it down to 2 days allows us to select only the absolute best presentations. 

  • We are planning on hosting some workshops in addition to the conference. Cutting the conference down to 2 days gives us more options for scheduling workshops both before and after the conference.

We appreciate the support of those presenting and planning on attending the Conference. We have already discussed this with our existing sponsors and they are all on board.

After this first conference we will reevaluate and consider extending the conference to 3 days for future events. 

Stay tuned for future updates.  We are still finalizing a few things before we release tickets, but that should be happening soon.

Deadline Extended to Feb 29th

We’ve received several great presentation ideas, but we still need a few more. We also had several people comment that they needed a little more time, so we have extended the submission deadline until the end of the month.

You don’t need a full presentation, you just need a good abstract. Check out presentation guidelines to see what we are looking for and increase your chances of having your presentation accepted.

Note that even though we prefer original content, we will consider something you have presented previously. So if you don’t have time to come up with something new, but would still like to present, please submit previous work. We will take a look at it.

I’ve also had several people ask if I thought their idea was interesting enough. My response was to submit it anyway. If it was valuable enough for you to consider putting together a presentation, it is probably valuable to others.

You contributing your unique perspective and ideas are what will make this conference an amazing experience for everyone involved. Help GDevCon N.A. live up to the promise of being North America’s Premiere Graphical Programming Conference. Submit your idea today!