When we were originally planning this conference, we planned on a 3 day conference, mostly because that is how long the CLA Summit was. After much feedback and discussion (particularly with former organizers of the CLA Summit) we have decided that 3 days was a bit ambitious for our first conference. We feel that a 2 day conference will be alleviate the burden on us as organizers and will help us provide a better experience for attendees.

A couple things that influenced our decision:

  • We got some feedback that a 2 day conference was easier to justify to management than a 3 day conference, especially given the current economic state. 

  • Even though we got enough presentation submissions for 3 days, cutting it down to 2 days allows us to select only the absolute best presentations. 

  • We are planning on hosting some workshops in addition to the conference. Cutting the conference down to 2 days gives us more options for scheduling workshops both before and after the conference.

We appreciate the support of those presenting and planning on attending the Conference. We have already discussed this with our existing sponsors and they are all on board.

After this first conference we will reevaluate and consider extending the conference to 3 days for future events. 

Stay tuned for future updates.  We are still finalizing a few things before we release tickets, but that should be happening soon.

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