Deadline for Paper Submissions

We’ve set a deadline of February 3rd for paper submissions. If you have something you would like to share with the community, please submit your idea before then.

photo by Kabul Maharjan

You don’t need a full presentation by February, you just need a good abstract. Check out presentation guidelines to see what we are looking for and increase your chances of having your presentation accepted.

You contributing your unique perspective and ideas are what will make this conference an amazing experience for everyone involved. Help GDevCon N.A. live up to the promise of being North America’s Premiere Graphical Programming Conference. Submit your idea today!

Call For Presentations

The call for presentations is officially open. If you have something to say about graphical development, we want to hear it!

photo by Kabul Maharjan

As things slow down over the holidays, take some time and see what you can come up with. The call for papers will be open at least through the end of January. You only need an abstract to apply. Checkout our presenters page (use the button below) for more details.

It’s Official

Two years ago, NI abruptly cancelled the CLD Summit and NI Days Events in Denver. These had been an ongoing yearly occurrence. They had both been quite well attended, and were very popular. At the time I was quite disappointed.

About the same time I started hearing rumors of this independent LabVIEW Conference called GDevCon going on in Europe. So I signed up to give a presentation. The conference was such a hit that they repeated it again this year. I was so excited and believed so much in what they were doing that I decided to sponsor it this year through my company.

In Denver there is a small group of LabVIEW Developers who get together every couple weeks for coffee. One day we were sitting around lamenting the loss of the CLD Summit, when the thought suddenly hit me.

Why not replace the CLD Summit with something even better, something like GDevCon?

I immediately reached out to Steve Watts (one of the founders of GDevCon) and we began a dialog. Steve was enthusiastic at first, but it didn’t go too far. It was still just an idea. It really picked up steam at NI week this year. Nancy knew that I was interested in getting something started, so she started sending people my way. We finally picked up some critical mass.

Our coffee meetings transformed into Zoom meetings with Steve and various other interested power users. We did a lot of brainstorming and planning. I was inspired by Chris’ GCentral movement, and Olli’s GCommunity booth at NI Days in Munich. It just seemed like the timing was right. We finally got the ball rolling and recently created a nonprofit here in Colorado. We’ve got a venue and a few sponsors. We are going to put on an amazing conference. I am very excited to see you all in Boulder this summer!