So you have something to say? That’s great! We’d love to see you up on the stage. If you haven’t presented before, that’s fine. We welcome new presenters.

photo by Spotted Dog Media

The button at the bottom of the page will take you to the submission form. In order to ensure the best chance of your proposal being accepted, take a moment first and look over our values and look over the list below that outlines the types of presentations we are looking for. This is not a litmus test, just guidelines. If you don’t check all the boxes, that is ok. Please still submit your idea.

You might also look through our YouTube Channel to see some examples of previous presentations.

Our ideal presentations:

  • Are original content. We are not looking for recycled NI Week or CLA Summit Presentations, but we are open to revisiting previous presentations. If you have presented on this topic before explain to us how your new presentation is different. What new insights will you share?
  • Promote learning over self-promotion. It is ok to mention your company and what you do or some cool product you’ve created, but it should not be the main focus. We are not interested in sales pitches.
  • Are biased towards team-based development. We are interested in exploring team dynamics and the collaboration tools and processes used.
  • Are grounded in real-world examples. Theories are great. Having a deep understanding of what you are doing can be very useful, but if you are going to do a presentation on theory, bring it down to earth. Give us some applications and examples.
  • Engage the audience. This is supposed to be a collaborative learning experience, not a lecture. If you’ve got ideas for roundtables or group discussions, those are certainly welcome.

Proposal Deadline: April 30th