Our reasons for being are very much inspired by the original GDevCon. You can read about their values here. We decided to keep the same 5 main tenants from the original GDevCon team. Here is our take on them:

  • Independence – There are no hidden agendas here. We are simply looking to serve the community. We don’t sell anything but tickets and sponsorship packages. Our tickets are priced not to make money, and to cover our costs and leave enough left over to keep things running smoothly next year. Our sponsors get a little bit of publicity and a few tickets, and that is it. They have no influence over the content or focus.
  • Collaborative Learning – As the original GDevCon put it, we aim to be the “User Group of User Groups”. No matter what skill level we are at, we are all here to learn together. We believe everyone has something to contribute.
  • Pragmatic and Practical – Theory is important, and we value application more. We’re interested in exploring real world problems and want our attendees to leave with real solutions to real problems that are relevant to them.
  • Community Driven – We understand the community. We are a part of it. We welcome everyone in the community to present or attend, regardless of skill level or qualification.
  • Team Focused – “No man is an island unto himself.” Accomplishing anything remarkable requires teamwork. We are interested in exploring all issues related to teamwork and collaboration. We also encourage teams to attend together.