COVID Statement

Bring your masks! Boulder County currently has an indoor mask mandate. (You’ll probably need one anyway if you are flying in.) Everyone will be required to wear a mask. If you forget one, we might have some extras available. If you flat out refuse to wear a mask, you will be asked to leave with no refund. We also encourage everyone to get vaccinated and maintain social distance in addition to wearing masks. Let’s keep things civil, we won’t tolerate any harassment about being vaccinated or not.

Boulder CO

Join us this fall for the first GDevCon N.A. You may be familiar with the original GDevCon. If not, checkout their website and YouTube Channel. The short story is that an independent group of LabVIEW developers in Europe set out to hold their own Graphical Development Conference in England. They’ve held it for 2 years in a row now and it has been wildly successful. We are now bringing that same experience to North America.

Here is a link to book rooms at Hyatt: GDevCon N.A. Conference – Hyatt Place Boulder/Pearl Street

You can read more about the venue here.

photo by Kabul Maharjan

We hope you are as excited as we are! If you’d like to join us, the button below will take you to the ticketing page, which has more details.


We used to have an NI sponsored CLD summit and NI Days in Denver every year. NI has decided they are no longer going to host those types of events (in Denver or elsewhere). We have an active user group in Denver and we decided we wanted to replace the CLD Summit. Several of us were impressed by what GDevCon had done over in Europe, so we reached out to them. After some discussion, we decided to do something similar over here.

photo by Kabul Maharjan

Normally the NI CLD summit and NI Days in Denver were at best regional events drawing people from CO, WY, UT, and NM. NI would occasionally bring a few presenters of their own, but most of the presenters were locals. By bringing GDevCon to Denver we can attract speakers from all over North America (and the world) to share their knowledge with us. With its central location, easy accessibility and destination status, Denver is a great location for such a conference. GDevCon N.A. fills the hole caused by the discontinuation of the CLD Summits and NI Days around the country.

You can read about the goals of the original GDevCon here. Ours are pretty similar. We want to provide an independent space for the community to get together and share ideas on how we can all be better at our craft. We want to provide a space for the types of presentations that might not make the cut at an NI sponsored event. Instead of focusing on individual skills we would like to focus on team development. We’d also like to provide an opportunity for some new voices to be heard. Use the button below to read more about our principles in detail.

Want to sponsor?

Gain some recognition for your brand in the community! We are looking for sponsors to help us offset some of the costs. We have packages for sponsors of all sizes from small single person Alliance partners to larger integrators. All sponsors receive free tickets and will get recognized on our sponsors page and at the conference. Gold Sponsors will even get a few minutes on stage to tell us all about the great things they are doing with LabVIEW. Use the button below to go to our sponsors page for a list of current sponsors and more information on how to become a sponsor.

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