The Event will be taking place at the Buffalo Rose in Golden, Colorado.

The address is:

1119 Washington Ave, Golden, CO 80401


The nearest major airport is in Denver. There is an RTD Station a few miles from the venue. To get there from the airport requires taking multiple buses/trains and takes over 2 hours, but is doable if you don’t want to rent a car. It’s about a 40-50 minute drive if you do rent a car. You could also look into getting an Uber. You’ll probably want one to get from the RTD into town. There is also plenty of parking in Golden.


There are various lodging options in Golden. There is the Golden Hotel, Table Mountain Inn, and the Eddy all within walking distance of the venue.

We don’t have deals with local hotels yet, but we are working on it. We’ll update here once we do.


There is plenty to do around Golden. Clear Creek runs through downtown Golden 3 blocks from the venue. There is a whitewater park where you can go tubing and/or swimming. There is also a paved bike trail along the creek where you can walk or bike. There is a bike library where you can rent a bike for free. The bike trail connects to various other regional bike trails. You can bike all the way into Denver or down into Morrison and LakeWood. There is also tons of mountainbiking and trailrunning in nearby parks. Much of it is within walking distance of the venue. There are several places to rent mountainbikes in town as well. If you hike up the canyon from town there is rock climbing as well. You can also go down to Bear Creek Lake to go swimming, paddleboarding or kayaking. If you want to go whitewater paddling, there are outfits that will take you up the canyon as well.

There’s a variety of shops in town. There are several smaller breweries. There’s also Coors. You can go take a tour of that and get some free beer. There’s not a lot of nightlife but there are a few bars, a speakeasy, and a few foodhalls. There’s a bunch of restaurants as well including a Nepalese place that is amazing and a sushi bar. And it’s all within walking distance.