We are proud to announce a series of workshops in addition to the main conference. These hands-on workshops will provide an opportunity to take a deep dive into various software engineering topics.

To sign up for workshops, you need to purchase a ticket for GDevCon first. When checking out you will be presented with an option to purchase a ticket for one or more workshops.

If you are interested in hosting an workshop, let us know.

2-Day DQMH Workshop (Mon/Tues Oct 18/19) – $1600

This mix of lectures and exercises will introduce DQMH, its origins and philosophy, how it works, the scripting tools, the Testers, etc. We’ll go over project planning and basic dependency management. We’ll put all that together to design and build a simple project. You’ll end up with hands on experience with DQMH and some reusable modules to take home and reuse.

Hosted by Sam Taggart of SAS Workshops

Thinking Incrementally (Fri Oct 22) – $800

In this workshop we’ll talk about Agile practices and how to think and work incrementally. It will have an emphasis on the importance of getting quick feedback. There will be a few short lectures to set the groundwork, then we’ll spend most of the time doing some pair programming katas. You’ll get some hands on experience with TDD, some basic CI and refactoring.

Hosted by Sam Taggart of SAS Workshops